Shuye Wang, MD

Professor in Department of Hematology, First Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, Harbin, Heilongjiang, China

Professor Shuye Wang obtained her MBBS, Master and Ph.D from Harbin Medical University, China. Currently, She has been working as Deputy Director, Chief Physician and Section Head of the hematology and the lymphoma Departments in the first teaching hospital Harbin Medical University, mainly engaging in the clinical and laboratory hematological work, especially in the aspect of the treatment, studies on the mechanism of Arsenic trioxide for acute promyelotic leukemia; the impact of Arsenic trioxide on DIC, the invesitigations of the tolerance and resistance to therapies and the long-term remission of leukemia.

She has been in the studies of pathogenesis of lymphoma and multiple myeloma and she published 30 papers in these aspects, and achieved the second award of Health Ministry of China in 1998. She is Editor-in-Chief of the books Strategy of Treatment and Diagnosis in the Lymphoma and Multiple Myeloma concise Diagnosis Strategy People's medical publishing house in April 2014.  

Professor Wang also has been playing the leading role in the field in the local area as the Deputy Director of Heilongjiang blood disease control center and Deputy Director of the Heilongjiang Institute of Hematology.

Academic Status:Youth Member of the first Chinese society of Hematology, China Anti-Cancer Association lymphoma Specialized Committee and Member of China's lymphoma Association.