Focused Issue on Inaugural Issue

Posted On 2017-12-07 10:00:49
Introduction to the inaugural issue of Annals of Lymphoma
Bruce D. Cheson

Review Article
Hodgkin lymphoma and PD-1 blockade: an unfinished story
Reid Merryman, Philippe Armand

Review Article
Management of relapsed and refractory mantle cell lymphoma: a review of current evidence and future directions for research
David A. Bond, Kristie A. Blum, Kami Maddocks

Review Article
Responses and response evaluation of immune checkpoint inhibitors in lymphoma
Theodora Anagnostou, Stephen M. Ansell

Review Article
Chimeric antigen receptor T cells for the treatment of lymphoma
Enkhtseteg Purev, Terry J. Fry

Review Article
Disparities in lymphoma on the basis of race, gender, HIV status, and sexual orientation
Melody Becnel, Christopher R. Flowers, Loretta J. Nastoupil

Original Article
Influence of rituximab and central nervous system directed prophylactic therapy on central nervous system relapse in high-risk diffuse large B-cell lymphoma
Mahender Yellu, Gunjan Guha, Chandana Kamireddy, Zartash Gul, Tahir Latif

Review Article
Scientific rationale for immunotherapy in lymphoma and predictors of response
Reem Karmali, Jeffrey A. Sosman, Leo I. Gordon

Review Article
Unmet needs in histological transformation of follicular lymphoma: a clinical and biological review
Miguel Alcoceba, Sara Alonso-Álvarez, María García-Álvarez, Alejandro Martín, M. Dolores Caballero

Annals of Lymphoma forms partnership with lymphoma research foundation
Meghan Gutierrez, Bruce D. Cheson