A survey of the therapeutic landscape in peripheral T-cell lymphomas: the importance of expert hematopathology review in the era of targeted therapies and precision medicine

Anthony J. Scott, Charles W. Ross, Ali M. Gabali, Ryan A. Wilcox


Peripheral T-cell lymphomas (PTCL) remain a diagnostic challenge, and the most common subtype remains “unspecified”. However, improved understanding of the transcriptional and genetic landscape among the PTCL’s supports an ontological classification scheme that is based on the “cell of origin” and facilitates the identification of subset-specific therapeutic vulnerabilities. Therefore, it is anticipated that identification of the “cell of origin” will become increasingly important as a predictive biomarker as targeted agents become increasingly available, thus highlighting the need for expert hematopathology review and appropriate disease classification. Herein, we present a PTCL case as a framework within which to review recent developments in PTCL classification and survey the current therapeutic landscape.